10 Ways Animated Video Turbo-Charges Your Marketing
10 Ways Animated Video Turbo-Charges Your Marketing
Jun 6, 2023

10 Ways Animated Video Turbo-Charges Your Marketing

Animated video is an increasingly powerful marketing tool. It adds personality to your content, driving up engagement and shareability.

During the past year of remote working, many clients have become interested in animation. At Blueprint Film, we’re familiar with all animation styles – from 2D to motion graphics and stop-motion. So we want to let you in on ten ways that animated video can turbo-charge your marketing.

1. An art style match your brand

Still from JPS Energy animated video

animation styles are available. So the look of your animated video can be as simplistic or as complex as you want.

Go for what suits your brand personality. Perhaps you want to go for handmade, bold, minimalistic, slick, cartoonish, or something else entirely! You can also put across your brand identity using elements such as colours, fonts and themes.

2. Engage people with complex or abstract ideas

Getting audiences to connect and engage with any lengthy and technical copy is a challenge.

Animation breaks down and simplifies complex topics. Because of this, many explainer videos use it. It’s not just great at getting across information. Animation can also powerfully visualise feelings and emotions. For instance, animations can capture the joy of using your product.

3. FIt for any purpose

We already addressed how animation is a common feature of explainer videos. But its use does not end there. We have used animation in various video types, from brand to recruitment and training. Take a look for yourself by checking out our animation showreel:

4. Emotional and psychological appeal

Did you know that animation has emotional and psychological elements? For one, animated videos are colourful and imaginative. As such, they are reminiscent of childhood cartoons and stories. This nostalgia builds a positive association with your brand, product, or service.

5. Unique story telling possiblities

Lego stop motion animated video still

With animation, you have the potential to create likeable and memorable characters that anyone can respond to.

They don’t even need to be human. Let your imagination lead the way. That way, animated storytelling can get your message across without feeling too sales-y. Perfect for getting people to engage with your content.

6. Cost effective video content

For those that are reluctant to invest in brand videos, a key reason is budget constraints. All the more reason to go for animated videos. A lot of the costs associated with video production relate to live-action filming. Animation gives you the benefits of video while avoiding costs around sourcing actors, equipment, locations, and so on.

7. Avoid logistical issues of live action filming

Animated video is also a great marketing option for those concerned about the logistics of live-action filming. Gone is the pressure of planning and executing a perfect shoot. You are unconstrained by factors such as location, actors, weather conditions – and the laws of physics. So if you want to, you can create a film about a dinosaur that uses your product while camped out on the moon!

8. Combine animation and live action

Of course, live-action videos have their benefits. Plus you may already have some live-action footage to use in your video content.

So why not get the best of both worlds and mix live-action with animation? Combine the realism of live-action with the fantasy of animation to create dynamic video content that will stand out.

9. Easy to update or re-work content

Animated video involves an infinitely more reactive process than traditional video creation.

As a result, it is easy to make changes to your video content during – and even after – the production process. Want to make changes to a scene? No need to worry about re-shoots if you can simply alter the animations. This aspect of animated video proved beneficial to our team when we needed to translate content into Spanish (see here).

10. More creative and entertaining and shareable

Using animation is an excellent way to distinguish your brand from others. As well as demonstrating creativity, the visual appeal of animation makes your video content more shareable. Plus, the more views and shares your video gets, the more brand awareness and recognisability you will achieve!

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