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About Blueprint

Our Production: Using the latest 4K camera technology, drones, motion graphics and animation, we feel we have the perfect mix of quality, experience and value for money.

We believe in the power of visual storytelling to captivate and influence audiences.

Our in-house team can bring all of the production elements required under one roof, including management, production and finishing services such as grading, sound design, subtitling and social media content.

You name it, We'll make it

Types of video

There are so many ways to utilise video for your business marketing - from brand overviews to animated explainers; we specialise in various different types of video.
Giving Back


Bring product to market with aspirational lifestyle content.

Blueprint Arts provide fully funded creative workshops across London and North Kent. We believe in the power of the creative arts to build resilient communities today and for future generations.

The Team

Our dynamic creative team bring a professional, cinematic edge to productions.

Our fantastic team have been producing films for over 14 years.  It's a privilege to work with so many amazing clients and we can't wait to get started on the next challenge.

It all starts with a great idea!

Still Unsure

Think of us as an extension of your own team!

We will guide you from  the start and take the press off, allowing you to step back and enjoy the exciting process of producing amazing video. We love our work because it's so rewarding, and we want to be able to share that with you.

People are often daunted at the thought of creating a video for the first time, but there’s no need.

Our experienced team of talented creatives are on-hand at all stages of the production to guide you though to the finished edit. The production team will take your brief and develop a unique concept for output brand, designed to connect with your target audience and deliver results.

The process for almost all videos content follows the simple stages below.

Stage One

We start any production by listing to your ideas and your goals. Our team of writers and creatives will turn your ideas into a script ready for production.

Your involvement can be as much or as little as you like. We love collaboration as much as starting with a blank page.

Stage Two

With a script everyone is happy with, we begin the exciting stage of bringing the idea to the screen. Depdinging on the type of film, this is the stage where we confirm locations, crew, equipment, and cast or subjects needed in the film. We can sort all of this on your behalf, so you can sit back and relax.

Stage Three

The moment we’ve been planning for and the day you will start and see the ideas, the script and the people come together to create something special.

Stage Four

You’ll be desperate at this stage to see the first cut of the film. You won’t have to wait long - We’re usually just as excited too, so you’ll usually have the first taste of that’s coming within 2-3 days after filming. We’ll do all the things behind the scenes to make your content look and sound spectacular.

We make films to suit everyone
Case Studies


We are an award-winning video production company creating branded content, documentary film and social media campaigns.

With clients ranging from global brands to social enterprises, we have the experience, ideas and passion to understand audiences and deliver fresh and engaging video productions.

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We love to discover and engage with people; empowering them to share their own passion for what they do. Sound good, get in touch...

London Office: The Stanley Building,
7 Pancras Square,
London, N1C 4AG

Kent Office: Kent Space, Fleet House,
Springhead Enterprise Park, Springhead Road,
Kent, DA11 8HJ

Phone: 0330 3240300  Email :

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