4 Ads That Prove Video Testimonials Work
4 Ads That Prove Video Testimonials Work
Jan 26, 2020

4 Ads That Prove Video Testimonials Work

4 ads that prove video testimonials work

4 Adverts that Prove Video Testimonials Work

People trust people. It's perhaps the main reason why companies are letting real customers do the talking in so many video campaigns. with 72% of people saying they would rather learn about a product or brand through video (Hubspot), It's easy to see how video testimonials fit nicely into most brands' marketing campaigns. Here are 5 different commercial campaigns that all use video testimonial in an effective and engaging way.

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Recently Apple has been really leaning into customer testimonials as a great way to market their products. They don't really have a problem with brand awareness at this stage, so a lot of their video content focuses on why customers should trust their products. This campaign for the Apple Watch is one of the strongest examples we've seen of how the right video testimonial can effectively sell a product. By interspersing different stories from real people about the Apple Watch, Apple have taken the focus away from the technicalities of the product, and onto the people that use them.

The result is a truly captivating and frankly quite emotional ad that does a better job at selling the watch than any product explainer ever could. We also love how the stories have been intercut with close-ups and cutaways. Breaking up the testimonials with other footage successfully keeps the viewer engaged and makes the video feel more cinematic.

Glacéau Smartwater - Sport

We love this testimonial ad because it feels like a different approach to the usual way of selling water. Where we'd usually see animated explainers showing the process of bottling water, here Glacéau look at how their water helps individuals go about their daily activities. We follow a rock climber in the hills, as he explains what keeping hydrated means for his lifestyle. It's a simple but really effective spot that highlights the impact of the brand. A great example of the authenticity a video testimonial can bring to marketing.


Perhaps the biggest platform for televised advertisements every year is the Super Bowl. It has become a pretty saturated market for brands trying to fight for the wackiest concepts. But this year, Microsoft made a big splash with their adaptive controller ad. Using testimonials from disabled children and their parents, the spot explores how Microsofts custom controller has allowed them to game on an even playing field. It's a genuinely great advert, that avoids the typical condescending sympathy you might fear. Hearing from the very people that are affected is a fantastic way of keeping the brand grounded.


This one is an example of using testimonial in a totally unconventional way. Traditionally we assume testimonials only really work when the person interviewed has something good to say about a product. Well, in a recent campaign, Vita Coco flipped this idea on its head. What if you interviewed people who don't like your product? Using short testimonials from 3 negative customers, Vita Coco did just this. The spin of the advert is that if they can get typically negative customers to say they didn't hate it, then that itself is a good enough review.

The crazy thing is, in the context of the advert itself, this absolutely works. By using negative reviewers, Vita Coco tap further into the authenticity that comes with testimonials. The playfulness of the format in this context also works to build on the brand image as trustworthy and friendly.

These are just a handful of some of the hundreds of video testimonials out there. It's useful to look at why these stand out, and how each brand used their testimonials in a different way. One thing that we think all of the example above show, is how testimonial brings a certain authenticity and integrity to a marketing campaign. By pivoting the perspective onto real people, marketers are able to tap into the human-to-human connection that can often be lost in more complicated campaigns.

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