Transport for the South East

An awareness film about the importance of a strong transport infrastructure

Transport for the South East

The Brief

Transport for the South East (TfSE) is a regional transport body.

They look after the interests of the travelling public and businesses across the southeast region.

As part of their launch, they commissioned an awareness film. This would see key industry figures across airports, railways, industry and cargo ports talk about the importance of a strong transport infrastructure that is fit for purpose and ready for new challenges facing the country.

The Plan

Production took place across key transport hubs in the South East

They planned to use the film at stockholder events to show the significance of the work they undertake, and the role of the South East as an economic driver.

The film production took place across key transport hubs in the South East, including Gatwick airport, Southampton docks, Honda Cars and Reading Station. During this, we conducted interviews with key stakeholders.

"Blueprint Film perfectly encapsulated the lifestyle of our customers... We couldn't have asked for a better way to showcase our range around the world."

Transport for South East

The Conclusion

The goal was to clearly communicated key data points

As a result, the film laid out the importance of the strategic partnership and communicated the shared goals and ambitions of the partners to ensure a robust transport network with economic potential for the country.

Also, we used infographics throughout the film. These clearly communicated key data points. This was an essential element of the production owing to the use of the film at trade shows and meetings. Indeed, in these situations, sound cannot always be guaranteed.

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